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Mesmerize by Avon.

Gifted in memory of my mother. It was her signature scent.

This is a comically pretentious portrait I painted in a style reminicent of the films by Wes Anderson.

Brett and Trotsky in a Grand Room.
Oil on Canvas 16"x20"




Illustrations: An intimate look inside my sketchbook

Watercolor + Ink on Cold Press

Oil Paintings

Another Secret World by  H. Warren
Looking Up by Heather Warren
Wildflowers by Heather Warren
Mom's Bouquet by Heather Warren
Rooftops and a Window by H. Warr
Beyond the Shutter by Heather Warren
A Secret World by Heather Warren
Creation by Heather Warren
A Heavenly View by Heather Warren
Downtown by Heather Warren
All is Peachy by Heather Warren
Leo - Gemini Rising by H. Warren
In the Neighborhood by H. Warren

Children's Literature: Two rounds of a recent illustration concept I did for a publishing company.

Commissioned Works

I've always had a natural ability to create and a need to express. I asked for my first set of paints when I was eight years old, and I have turned almost everything into an art project since... While I have a degree from their School of Film, Theatre and Media Arts, my secondary concentration at Temple University was art.


I currently work from my studio between bookings. I typically prefer to work with oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and watercolor + ink on cold press. Pricing is available upon request. In fact, I've listed some of these original works for purchase on Etsy. Here's a link to my shop:


My additional visual art site with even more is:


While I am regularly creating my own works, I am also open to taking on commissioned works. If you have an idea, please feel free to discuss it with me via my e-mail which is listed and linked on my contact page.


Thank you for your curiosity, viewership + support!

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This is a landscape of a nostalgic spot in the Thousand Islands near Dingman Point and Alexandia Bay on the St. Lawerence River, which separates New York State and Canada.

Bill's Spot
Oil on Canvas 16"x20"


My Emerald

Note: You can see my entire gemstone watercolor series and more by clicking the emerald.

This is a landscape inspired by a location in Northern Ireland.

Sarah's View
Oil on Canvas 16"x20"

Now offering album artwork!

Attn: Musicians


I am discreet, respectful and highly artistic. I am open to selling existing pieces and creating new works. I work physically and digitally, so the sky is the limit.

With my album artwork, I hope to represent your sound visually. I am a music lover, and if you're interested in working together, please drop me a line either on my contact page or at:

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